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Core Strengths

Experiential Learning: A Hands-On Approach To Learning
The school encourages hands–on activities so that students are directly involved in creating and constructing effective learning experiences rather than being passive recipients of readymade content delivered through one–way lectures. Experiences, inside and outside the classrooms, are integrated with goals and objectives of the curriculum.

Students are required to be actively engaged in posing questions, investigating, experimenting, problem–solving, assuming responsibilities, being creative and constructing meaning. Experiential learning focuses on developing these important skills in our students, helping them to better prepare for higher education, life and beyond.


Faculty: Dedicated To Excellence Through Rigorous Professional Development
Our faculty members are highly accomplished, experienced and dedicated individuals and are driven by values that place students and their holistic development at the core. We ensure developing a team of teachers who are passionate about the teaching profession, have expertise in their subject matter and the disposition of a perpetual learner.

In order to develop our teachers’ professional skills and update their knowledge on the latest teaching and learning pedagogies, the KWS Professional Learning Centre organizes regular in– house trainings for our teachers to help them assess, reflect on and improve their current practices and to keep them abreast of the latest developments in education. We ensure our teachers inculcate a passion for learning new skills to enable them to nurture our students in the best possible way.


Visionary And Experienced Leadership: Leading The School Forward
The KWS leadership team comprise individuals with a wealth of experience in the management of schools and the varied aspects of education. The team is responsible for designing, delivering and continuously upgrading high quality education programmes and various services as articulated in the vision and mission of the school.

Our academic advisors too comprise practitioners and educators with a wealth of experience in leading international schools, and provide guidelines and support to the school for efficient planning and delivery of quality education and related services.


Holistic Development: Connectedness Of Mind, Body And Spirit
When Plato wrote about education in ‘The Republic’, he proposed a holistic curriculum that requires a balance of training in physical education, the arts, math, science, character and moral judgment. Our school recognizes the connectedness of mind, body and spirit, and focuses on the balanced growth of the learners. The healthy development of physical, social and emotional aspects is as essential as the development of the cognitive abilities of a learner. Besides striving for academic achievement, our curriculum emphasizes physical fitness, creativity and social service to lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits and positive social outlook.


Service Learning: Connecting Curriculum With Community Service
We encourage our students to appreciate their community and contribute positively to society in general. One of our core values is “compassion” and the students are given opportunities to learn the true essence of “giving”, be it in kind, time or effort. They will be able to participate in charitable activities and programs that serve not only the local community but also the wider national needs in various areas. Students will collectively be required to brainstorm about needs of the community, plan and organize ways to help, raise funds, implement their plans, and once their work has been completed, reflect and evaluate the efficacy of their efforts.

The goal of community service will thus develop a sense of empathy towards the less fortunate, and foster social responsibility.

Students, through various clubs such as, Leadership Club, Environment Club, Debating Club, Book Club, MUN (Model United Nations), etc. will be involved in conceptualizing, organizing and implementing a host of events in the school which will help them develop their self–confidence, instill a sense of belongingness, and develop organizational and leadership skills.


Parental Engagement In Education: A Proven Formula For Success
Students do well in their education when parents take active and consistent interest in their education. Parental involvement results in the learners getting better grades, having fewer discipline problems and are more likely to be successful in their lives. At KWS, parents are expected to be involved in the learning activities of their children. 

The school regularly communicates with parents through email, parent–teacher meetings (PTM), notices and SMIS (School Management Information System) to share with them information on school events and their ward’s performance. We discuss ways to help students learn more effectively at school and at home. The Parent–Teacher Association (PTA) of the school will work with the school team to enhance the learner’s school experience, and foster closer relationship among parents, the faculty and the wider school community.


Value-Based Education
Our goal is to instill the eastern values of community spirit with the western values of individuality and independence in the minds of young learners. This includes understanding their role in the community. Students learn the value of interacting positively with peers, juniors and elders as well as the community that will enable them to become good citizens and prepare them for the rigors of life.

Through value–based progressive education, we intend to create a highly conducive learning environment in which students are able to attain better academic results. We will also create an outstanding teaching environment in which our staff are more purposeful and fulfilled, and therefore become more productive. We empower students with social awareness that will help them work with, and relate to, others effectively, and provide them with the self-esteem and confidence to explore, and develop themselves to their full potential.



Core Strengths