CEO’s Perspective

CREATING a flagship school that uses cutting–edge technology is a challenge in itself, and delivering on the mission that the school has set for itself is exigent and somewhat even intimidating.

In this regard, I am delighted to share that the feedback from parents, students and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive for the first year of Kathmandu World School’s existence. I would like to share the credit for this achievement with my entire team. It is satisfying for me to have been able to build a team of individuals who are passionate about their profession as well as willing to learn, and innovate in everything they do.

They keenly share the school’s vision and mission, and are committed to delivering on what we have promised to our parents and students. The values and learning principles we have developed and the teaching- learning approach we have adopted are our key assets which set us apart from the rest. Every member of the school family is encouraged to internalize, and act upon these values and approaches.

Throughout my career, it has always been my belief that high quality human resource is at the heart of any institution. It is the knowledge, skills and positive learning attitude of staff which sets the tone of the school community. It is my personal vision to instill a culture of continuous learning at Kathmandu World School, not only for students but for our staff as well. We foster a culture of innovation and creativity by providing a positive learning environment in the school. Our teachers are encouraged to introduce new ideas, be creative and apply problem–solving approach to teaching and learning in order to make a difference in the classroom and beyond. They are challenged to set goals for themselves that require them to think outside the box, as traditional approaches are not effective in helping today’s young learners to succeed in a fast–paced, digitalized and ever–changing world.

Holistic development of students is the core of our mission at Kathmandu World School. In the coming year, we intend to focus on providing individualized learning support for students who find it difficult in coping with learning. We will also emphasize the overall wellbeing of our students as well as staff, through school–wide initiatives that encourage resilience essential for the development of healthy, adaptable young people. In this endeavor, I sincerely seek the continued support and active involvement of our parents in educating our young people who are the future of our society, nation and the world, and who will create a better future.

Rajendra K. Ghising, Ph. D.
Chief Executive

"KWS has been a great experience for us as parents. Our daughter has been admitted in grade four. Although we were a few months behind in enrollment and quite worried about her transition from a school in Canada, the wonderful cooperation and coordination of staffs and teachers made it possible for our daughter who is happily settled in and is energized to go to school. We believe that enrolling our daughter in KWS was a great decision, and we are very pleased and proud to say that our daughter goes to KWS.

Dr. Sunil Sijapati

Parents of Sylvia Sijapati (Grade – 5)

"Our son has joined Kathmandu World School in grade 5. What attracted us to KWS was the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the overall infrastructural set-up in enabling a meaningful learning environment. The management and teachers are committed to working for a safe, joyful and engaging school experience for our son. The transition has been smooth and we are happy with the school.

Mr. Iman Bikram Shah

Parent of Idhant Bikram Shah (Grade 6)

"We feel incredibly blessed to have our daughter attending Kathmandu World School. As parents, we have always found the lines of communication between the faculty and ourselves open at all times which is very important to parents. We feel ‘heard’, and that our suggestions are valued and taken into account. The genuine affection and concern that the staffs show the children makes her feel she is “home away from home”.

Ms. Suja Basnet

Parent of Sunrita Basnet (Grade 6)

"We are very happy with the Kathmandu World School, its faculty and staff and the education that is being provided to our daughter. Experienced teachers, well designed curriculum and active teaching-learning activities that are appropriate to the child’s age and mental capacity makes KWS the best choice for children. As a business leader, I am very impressed with the immense development of our daughter in this short span of time. We would like to thank the whole KWS family for their guidance and support. Great job!

Mr. Brijesh Gupta

Parent of Aishwarya Gupta (Grade 2)

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