Core Values

We believe in integrity and hard work undertaken with honesty, determination and a sense of commitment. We aim to ensure that our learners develop positive attitudes, and make informed choices with regard to their personal and social responsibilities.

We show compassion and kindness to one another. We express gratitude for what we have and do whatever is within our capacities to support those who are less fortunate or those who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

We respect the community, the environment and ourselves. We respect individual differences and accept all without prejudice. We take pride in our school and community. Our learners understand, appreciate and respect diversity and the importance of various cultures, values, traditions and perspectives.

We conduct ourselves in an exemplary manner, and make positive choices with regard to our duties and work. We take responsibility for our own intellectual, social, personal and emotional development as well as physical wellbeing.

We work together in teams to achieve shared goals, and build relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We communicate effectively with each other and value feedback. Our learners can communicate and express their ideas and views with clarity. They are able to participate constructively in society in order to make positive contributions to the local and international community.

We embrace change to adapt to an ever–evolving environment. We believe in the power of inquiry emanating from curiosity, which leads to lifelong learning and fosters learners to become problem–solvers deeply engaged and involved with the world around them. Our learners are supported and challenged to reach their full potential.


To become a top-notch school with a reputation for educational excellence in both Nepal and the region within seven years.


We create a learning culture where all learners are fully engaged in holistic, meaningful and innovative learning experiences in a caring and collaborative learning community, supported by partnerships with parents and families. Our emphasis is on providing valued–based education in an intellectually stimulating learning environment, imparted by professionals trained in progressive teaching-learning approaches, to transform the young learners into knowledgeable, confident, responsible and proactive individuals with an international-mindedness and a passion for lifelong learning.

Our Core Strengths

Experiential Learning: A Hands-on Approach to Learning

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Faculty: Dedicated to Excellence through Rigorous Professional Development

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Visionary and Experienced Leadership: Leading the School Forward

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Holistic Development: Connectedness of mind, body and spirit

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Pre–Medical and Pre–Engineering Exam Preparations

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Guidance, Higher Studies & Career Counselling

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Service Learning: Connecting Curriculum with Community Service

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Parental Engagement in Education: A Proven Formula for Success

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Value-based Education

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