KWS - Learning Principles

“Learning is an activity which is a lifelong process of gaining knowledge and skills that modify our current understanding and perceptions of the world around us and consolidate it for application in our life.”

We believe that learning takes place effectively when:

Children learn best when they feel safe. We provide all learners with a safe environment where they feel physically, emotionally and socially comfortable and supported. They know that their needs will be taken care of, and that they are protected by caring and thoughtful teachers and other members of the school community.

Students are engaged in ‘real’ experiences and hands-on activities which help them develop their own understanding. All students are encouraged to participate and be accountable for their own learning.

Learning becomes meaningful when students connect their new learning to prior knowledge, widening their intellectual horizons, and relate them to their daily life as well as real-world issues.

We provide an environment and offer content, materials, experiences and activities that are coordinated with a child’s level of development and readiness. Three dimensions of appropriateness are considered:

  • age appropriateness based on the principles of child development
  • individual appropriateness based onformaland informal assessment of the child’s individual capacity.
  • cultural and social appropriateness based on the values and expectations of families.
  • We promote critical thinking and inquiry by giving sustained opportunities to ask questions, solve problems, make connections, draw conclusions and articulate ideas. Students are encouraged to synthesize ideas and consider multiple perspectives to make sound decisions based on logic.

    Students understand that their actions have impacts on others and on the environment. They apply their learning and contribute positively to their environment and community.

    Students are encouraged to ‘try’ new activities and ideas. They can express and explore their interests, queries and opinions in a safe environment without fear of reprimand for making mistakes.

    We believe in the potential of each and every student. We acknowledge that each child grows at his/her own rate, and that each child is an individual that needs something different. Learning activities are designed to support and guide each child to reach their personal optimum potential.

    Collaboration is the cornerstone of successful learning environments. Our classrooms are active, engaging places where instruction centers on student thinking. Teachers facilitate an open exchange of ideas and children learn to become caring, principled individuals and thoughtful, disciplined learners.

    Students are given ample opportunities to discuss and reflect on learning and progress. Teachers provide frequent feedback to students and parents through continuous formative assessments and formal summative reports.

    Celebration of learning is at the heart of our school experience. Teachers make learning visible to peers, parents, and the school community using documentation display boards, newsletters, portfolios, and through special events such as plays, musical performances, science fairs, literary events, sport tournaments and games.

    Children thrive when the adults in their lives – parents, educators and caregivers are aligned with the needs of their developmental stage. Parents and families are engaged in a partnership with teachers and the school to support each other and provide the best positive learning environment at home and at the school.

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