Senior High School Team

Mahendra Thapa, Ph.D.

Plus 2 Coordinator

Jermit Yong Rang


Chuda Raj Phuyal


Purna Shrestha


Rijendra Thapa


Shankar Khanal Joshi


Aashish Aryal


Nisha Prajoo


Lila Pati Paudel


Siddhartha Dhungana


Hari Kumar Karki


Jeevan Kafle


Sunil Subba


Hari Prappana Kandel


Chuda Mani Pandey


Yogendra Ranabhat


Sanjay Kumar


Rachana Gautam

Guidance and Counselor

Denny Mishra


Regina Shrestha

Lab Assistant

Archana Shrestha

Lab Assistant

Jay Prakash Mandal

Lab Assistant

Sagun Byanju

Lab Assistant

Kishor Kumar Rayamajhi

Spanish Language

Our Core Strengths

Experiential Learning: A Hands-on Approach to Learning

The school encourages hands–on activities so that students are directly involved in creating and constructing effective learni ...

Faculty: Dedicated to Excellence through Rigorous Professional Development

Our faculty members are highly accomplished, experienced and dedicated individuals who are driven by values that place students ...

Visionary and Experienced Leadership: Leading the School Forward

The KWS leadership team comprises individuals with a wealth of experience in the management of schools and the varied aspects of ...

Holistic Development: Connectedness of mind, body and spirit

When Plato wrote about education in The Republic, he proposed a holistic curriculum that requires a balance of training in physi ...

Pre–Medical and Pre–Engineering Exam Preparations

The prevailing trend shows that a majority of students pursuing Science stream hope to get entry into an undergraduate course in ...

Guidance, Higher Studies & Career Counselling

At KWS, we provide guidance, counselling and learning support to the students who lag behind with their learning and adaptation. ...

Service Learning: Connecting Curriculum with Community Service

We encourage our students to appreciate their community and to contribute positively to society in general. One of our core v ...

Parental Engagement in Education: A Proven Formula for Success

Students do well in their education when parents take active and consistent interest in their education. Parental engagement re ...

Value-based Education

Our goal is to instill the eastern values of community spirit with the western values of individuality and independence in th ...