Elementary School

As per the provision of the Education Act of Nepal, basic education spans from grade one (I) to eight (VIII). To ensure that students receive developmentally appropriate instruction, we have bifurcated the basic education into the Lower Elementary wing (grade I – V) and Upper Elementary wing (grade VI – VIII) . The Elementary School programme is based on the National Curriculum of Nepal, and is enriched by the application of the highly regarded International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), which is based on the national curriculum of United Kingdom.

The lessons are designed such that in every class, the students work in a number of ways that include pair and small–group work, individual tasks and whole-class discussions. Significant time is given for students to think, model, draw, write, and talk about their learning experiences. In addition to the three core subjects (English, Math and Nepali), a thematic approach introduces other subjects such as Science, Social Studies, Computer Studies, Physical Education, Art and Music. From the Upper Elementary School onwards, students are taught in subject groupings in dedicated classrooms with the core subjects expanded to include Occupation, Business and Technological Education (OBTE), Moral Studies and Health and Hygiene.

Admissions for grade one to five will be open from the coming Academic Session 2075 (2018 AD) beginning from Baisakh 2075 (April 2018).