After the successful completion of its first year operation and with the support of all our stakeholders, Kathmandu World School announces ADMISSIONS OPEN from Grade 1 to 8 for the Academic Year 2076.

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* Completed form along with the birth certificate and marksheet of previous/ current school must be emailed to or submit direct to school office between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.


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The school possesses world–class infrastructure supported by state–of–the–art facilities to provide a kaleidoscope of enriching educational experiences for the holistic development of children under our care.

World-class Infrastructure

The school environment is calm and intentional in order to inspire and facilitate effective learning. All the buildings including the Extra–Curricular Activity (ECA) block incorporate shockproof features to withstand earthquakes and ensure the safety of students.

The classrooms are spacious, air– conditioned and equipped with broadband Internet connection, CCTV and a fire alarm system. The design of the buildings is both aesthetic and utilitarian, and also reflects Nepalese architecture and heritage.

The school has two fully equipped multipurpose halls, well–stocked libraries, modern Science and Computer laboratories, Cafeteria and a Health Care Centre to name a few of the facilities available. A dedicated Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) block presently under construction will provide facilities such as swimming, futsal, several instrument–based music studios and dance facilities, sports and fitness gyms as well as medium–based visual art studios designed with the purpose to broaden avenues for students to unearth and nurture their diverse talents.

Stimulating and Purposeful Learning Environment The school has well– planned and purpose–built classrooms and facilities required for the holistic development of young learners. The environment is calm and intentional in order to inspire and stimulate learning.

Learning Spaces

Performing Arts
and Visual Art Studios

The school has a number of dedicated studios for Performing Arts (Dance, Music and Drama), Visual Arts (Fine Art, Fabric Painting, Collage, Sculpture, etc.), Martial Arts (Judo, Wushu and Taekwando) as well as Gymnastics. Students are encouraged to explore and develop their creative and artistic capabilities in instrument–based music studios (Violin, Keyboard, percussion instruments, etc.) and medium–based art studios (Collage, Fabric painting, Sculpture and Fine Art). All students from grade one (1) to eight (8) will have guided Music and Art lessons. From grades nine (9) and above, music and art will be optional.

Sports and
Physical Activities

The school will have a dedicated extra– curricular activities (ECA) building and a sports department with professional coaches and trainers, who will constantly challenge and guide every child to develop their skills, resilience and competitive spirit. The school will have its own swimming pool, outdoor playgrounds, basketball courts, futsal pitch and a well- equipped multi–purpose court under the ECA building, which will be ready for use by April 2019.


The library forms the core of our literacy programme, and is the hub for all research and inquiry projects. We have two spacious and well– stocked libraries – one designed for Elementary students (Grade 1-8) and one for Secondary students (Grade 9 and above). Trained librarians, who are knowledgeable and experienced in Library Management oversee the library programme. A collection of printed resources (books, magazines, periodicals, research manuscripts, encyclopedias, subject-wise reference books, etc.) is available for students and teachers. Separate rooms are available for individual–study as well as for group discussions and presentation.

Modern Science and
Computer Laboratories

We have the latest educational tools including Information and Computer Technology (ICT) for use in our Science and Computer Laboratories to enhance learning experiences, and develop critical thinking and problem–solving skills. Each of the academic wings on completion, will have its own Computer Laboratory. Subject specific laboratories (for Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany) are provided for Secondary school students (Grade 9 to 12/ A Level) to gain a deeper understanding of concepts as well as practical knowledge of the subject. A general science laboratory is available for Elementary school students (Grade 1 – 8).

Home Away from Home
For students of grade four and above, we have provision
of boarding facilities that are comfortable, secure and homely.

Boarding House

The Boarding houses are located within a short walking distance from the school buildings with separate buildings for girls and boys. All the buildings are equipped with necessary amenities and well–furnished rooms. Every hostel building has an indoor entertainment / activity room as well as a common lounge where the students can study, or enjoy the company of their friends.

Hostel students will be under the care and guidance of an experienced and dedicated Hostel Parent and Attendants who will be on duty round the clock to ensure the safety and comfort of the students. A visiting doctor and a full– time residential nursing staff will be available to provide first aid services for minor ailments. Parents, who wish to enroll their kids in KWS Boarding House, can obtain a separate brochure and attend a counselling session with the Head of Boarding House/ Hostel Parents.

Kathmandu World School (KWS) welcomes applications from students of all nationalities who desire to benefit from our educational programmes and whose parents share the school’s vision and approach to learning.

Admission Policies
and Procedures

Applications for immediate or future entry are considered at any time throughout the year but students are accepted based on availability of seats. The decision of the Admissions Committee in such matters will be final. All students will be required to appear for screening tests that comprise written tests and an interview to determine their eligibility for admission in the school. Upon request, the Admissions Officer will make available detailed information about admission procedures to parents and students.

School Hours

The Elementary school (this year Grade 1 – 7) will be open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Details of activities will be available in the school calendar and the school’s website. The school office will remain open Sunday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm except on holidays. The school will remain closed on Saturday and government holidays.


We offer introductory offer to all the first batch of students who are eligible for admission. In addition, we provide deserving students with various scholarships, which will be based on the student’s performance be it academics or co-curricular / extra-curricular activities.

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