Application Form For Admission


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Application Form For Admission

1. Personal Information


Student Lives with

Marital Status of Parents

1. Mothers's Information


2. Father's Information


3. Authorized Local Guardian's Information (Other than parents)

1. School Transportation

Need for school transportation service?

If 'YES', please mention the nearest landmark

If 'NO', please mention how the child will come/ the mode of transportation

2. Additional Information

1. How did you find out about KWS?

2. Why did you decide to choose KWS for your child’s education?

3. Further Details of Student

Please complete the following

Does the child have any siblings studying in KWS?

SN Name of the sibling Gender Grade

1 . What does your child enjoy the most in the current school?

2. What are your child's strengths and areas of interest?

3. Which subjects does your child find most challenging?

4. Please list five things that you would like us to know about your child.

5. Who looks after your child in your absence?

6. Does your child require special care/ support in the class? If 'Yes', please explain what kind of special care/support is needed.

All the information provided on this application form is correct, complete and true to the best of our knowledge and belief. l/ We understand that any false information will lead to the cancellation of his/ her admission. Also I/We have read and agree with all the policies included in the Student Handbook about student discipline and will play a proactive role in making the student honour them strictly.