World-Class Infrastructure

The school possesses world–class infrastructure supported by state–of–the–art facilities to provide a kaleidoscope of enriching educational experiences for the holistic development of children under our care. The school environment is calm and intentional in order to inspire and facilitate effective learning. All the buildings, including the Extra–Curricular Activity (ECA) block, incorporate shockproof features to withstand earthquakes and ensure the safety of students. The classrooms are spacious, air–conditioned and equipped with broadband Internet connection, CCTV and a fire alarm system. The design of the buildings is both aesthetic and utilitarian while the design of the buildings reflects Nepalese architecture and heritage.

We also offer a fully equipped multipurpose hall, well–stocked libraries, science labs, computer labs, cafeteria, health care centre and a dedicated Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) block with a swimming pool, a futsal court, several instrument–based music rooms, sports and fitness gyms as well as medium–based visual art studios. All the facilities are designed with the purpose to nurture the diverse talents of our students.