Principal’s Message

Dr. Rajeev Chhetri“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”.

The profound words by John Dewey, an American philosopher and educational reformer, forms the cornerstone of the educational philosophy that we subscribe to at KWS.

It is an honour and privilege to welcome you all. The need of the hour demands a paradigm shift in the way we perceive education, and how we deliver it to the aspiring learners of the new millennium. Imparting education today is recognized globally as being most effective through a holistic approach providing a balanced training in the academics, coupled with the development of character and moral values.

At KWS, we envision to incorporate this philosophy into the delivery of the Plus 2 curriculum of the National Examination Board (NEB) to ensure that the holistic education that we aspire, is achieved. We expect that our learners shall respond positively to the rigours of an academic curriculum while developing assertiveness, critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Co-curricular activities shall be an integral part of our curriculum. All activities are designed to provide students with opportunities to explore their talents, develop new skills and pursue their passion.

Though part of the construction work is still in progress, we assure our valued parents and guardians, that KWS will strictly adhere to setting up a world–class infrastructure and facilities befitting an international school anywhere in the world.

I also welcome all aspiring learners to come and be a part of this wonderful KWS experience of discovering and fulfilling your potential with us. Come, let us assist you to attain the holistic education for a better future.

Dr.Rajeev Chhetri