Clubs And Community Services

Besides various extra–curricular activities, the students will be engaged in various club–activities as well as community service, which will help to develop a positive attitude, social skills and self–confidence. The goal of involvement in community service is to develop empathy towards the less fortunate, and foster a sense of social responsibility. Students of diverse clubs like Social Service Club, Environment Club, Book Club, MUN (Model United Nations), etc. will be involved in organizing a host of events in the school through which they develop their communication, organizational and leadership skills as well as build up their self-confidence.

Clubs and Its Objectives

STC is formed to make students brainstorm in the advancements and challenges of today’s generation. It supports them to explore science and technology beyond the classroom so that they can have a clear understanding of today’s world. The club focuses on:

  • Organizing Science Exhibition
  • Conducting Web page designing competition
  • Running science activities in regular basis.

ACC is formed to incorporate different festival moods and cultural celebrations. Today’s generation needs a connection to their own cultural location along with expanding their knowledge with the facts of diverse cultural activities. Hence ACC is formed for this very purpose. The club focuses on:

  • Organizing fine art, music and dance competitions
  • Running different activities related to creative and cultural arts.
  • Celebrating different occasions.
  • Organizing School fest.

Social Club is formed to make students responsible towards social issues. It leads the individual from their personal world to the level of understanding social values. So, SC focuses on:

  • Organizing different social-awareness programs.
  • Conducting social and personal talk shows.
  • Run different social activities like blood donation, fund raising to support elderly home/orphanages.
  • Organizes social camps.

RC is a hub to make the students grow intellectually with reading activities and bringing forth their expressions in writings. Reading and writing are the major receptive and productive skills that make a person a good learner. The RC focuses on:

  • Organizing different language skill related activities like essay writing, oratory, debate, quiz.
  • Organizing interaction programs/Coffee Talk, Book Talk etc.
  • Publishing classroom magazine/wall magazine on a regular basis.
  • Supporting in publishing KWS Bulletin and magazine.

Sports Club is a place to accommodate physical strength along with discipline. It captures the students’ interest in organizing, participating and building a team spirit among the students. It focuses on:

  • Facilitating in conducting regular sports activities.
  • Conducting sports week.
  • Coordinating inter school competitions.

BC is formed to train youths for entrepreneurships and to make them visualize the trend of business world, marketing strategies and conditions of human resources in the world. It focuses on:

  • Organizing business talks/workshops.
  • Planning for business trips/industrial visits.
  • Organizing business fest.

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