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Guidance, Higher Studies and Career Counselling

Acomplished, Experienced and Dedicated Faculty

Value Based Education

Outstanding campus facilities: supportive of learning

Why Kathmandu World School?

We create a world-class environment where learners are engaged in holistic, meaningful and innovative learning experiences. Our emphasis is on value-based education delivered by professionals trained in progressive teaching-learning approaches. We help develop proactive, confident and responsible young people with a passion for lifelong learning.

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Our Core Strengths

Experiential Learning: A Hands-on Approach to Learning

The school encourages hands–on activities so that students are directly involved in creating and constructing effective learni ...

Faculty: Dedicated to Excellence through Rigorous Professional Development

Our faculty members are highly accomplished, experienced and dedicated individuals who are driven by values that place students ...

Visionary and Experienced Leadership: Leading the School Forward

The KWS leadership team comprises individuals with a wealth of experience in the management of schools and the varied aspects of ...

Holistic Development: Connectedness of mind, body and spirit

When Plato wrote about education in The Republic, he proposed a holistic curriculum that requires a balance of training in physi ...

Pre–Medical and Pre–Engineering Exam Preparations

The prevailing trend shows that a majority of students pursuing Science stream hope to get entry into an undergraduate course in ...

Guidance, Higher Studies & Career Counselling

At KWS, we provide guidance, counselling and learning support to the students who lag behind with their learning and adaptation. ...

Service Learning: Connecting Curriculum with Community Service

We encourage our students to appreciate their community and to contribute positively to society in general. One of our core v ...

Parental Engagement in Education: A Proven Formula for Success

Students do well in their education when parents take active and consistent interest in their education. Parental engagement re ...

Value-based Education

Our goal is to instill the eastern values of community spirit with the western values of individuality and independence in th ...

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Upcoming Events

Annual Picnic for grade 1 and 2

  • Dec 14, 2018
  • Kathmandu World School

Professional development training for staffs

  • Dec 16, 2018
  • Kathmandu World School

Sports Week

  • Dec 17, 2018
  • Kathmandu World School

Winter holiday for students

  • Dec 30, 2018
  • Kathmandu World School

World-class Infrastructure and Facilities

The school possesses world–class infrastructure supported by state–of–the–art facilities to provide a kaleidoscope of enriching educational experiences for the holistic development of children under our care. The school environment is calm and intentional in order to inspire and facilitate effective learning.

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Blogs and Articles

Parents: What works in helping kids?

Decades of research generally support the conclusion that children do better at school when their parents are invol ...

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Valuing what’s important: Service, Luck, Privilege

I returned, a few weeks ago, from an inspiring UWCSEA family service trip with primary, middle and high school stud ...

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Education for empowerment

I believe that the single best word to describe education is empowerment. Unfortunately, the structured, curricula- ...

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