Core Team

Er. Dr. Mithlesh Kumar Jha

Chairman - Management Committee

A University doctorate and an M.Sc. graduate in Engineering Management, Mr. Jha has vast experience in the field of education management and entrepreneurship. Over the years, he has been associated with several academic institutions, providing tertiary education, in the capacity of faculty member, administration and principal. His specialized areas of work include quality management and standardization. Currently, he heads four educational institutions running under CG Learning as General Manager, CG Holdings.

He is a certified lead auditor for ISO 9001:2015 certification, a life member of Nepal Engineer’s association (NEA), and chairperson of NEA corporate house and construction committee. He has been nominated as an expert in the roster of Nepal Engineering Council. He has also knowledge of Russian language.

His other involvements include expert member of Cyber Emergency Rescue Team (CERT) from Nepal Government, Department of Science and Technology, member of Education Council at Chamber of Nepalese Industries (CNI), subject committee member at Tribhuwan University and Purbanchal University and advisor at South Asia Education Council.

Mr. Jha has published a few research articles in international journals including Scopus indexed journals. He has attended several training programs in the field of education and leadership and has participated in international conferences in Finland, India, Nepal and South Korea.

Dr. Khagendra Prasad Ojha

Chairman - Board of Directors

Dr. Khagendra Prasad Ojha is the Chairman of Kathmandu World School, and also the Chief Executive Officer of Global College of Management. In addition, he also serves as Chairman of Valley View English School, Global College International and Uniglobe Secondary School.

Dr. Ojha is a gold medalist in MBA from Tribhuvan University (TU), and received his Ph. D. degree in Development Economics from University of Warsaw, Poland. He has worked at the Western Michigan University, USA as a visiting faculty. He has presented many research papers in international conferences held in the USA, Poland and India. In the past, he worked at Tribhuvan University as an Associate Professor for more than two decades, and is a renowned faculty of Accountancy. He has published many research articles in various international and national journals and many books on Accountancy.

Lieutenant General Sarad Giri (Retired)

Chief Executive Officer

A soldier by profession, Lieutenant General Giri served Nepal Army for 38 years. During his service as a Directing Staff, Senior Instructor, and Chief Instructor at the Army Command and Staff College (ACSC) his interest in the academic sector was sparked. Furthermore, as Commandant (similar to CEO) at ACSC, he learned, practiced and mastered the skills of administrative and academic leadership.

Besides numerous security trainings in Nepal and abroad, Lieutenant General Giri holds Master’s degrees in Political Science (Tribhuvan University, Nepal), Master’s in Strategic Studies (Madras University, India), and Master’s in Military Science & Science of Military Strategy (National Defense University, Beijing, China).

During his military service, he has been to India, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Central African Republic, and the USA in an official capacity for UN Peacekeeping Missions duty, visits, conferences, seminars and symposiums.

Mr. Keshar Bahadur Khulal


Mr. Khulal graduated with the First Class Honours degree in physics from the University of East Anglia UK and Post Graduate Degree in Education from Tribhuvan University. He also holds the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), the initial teacher training course of the United Kingdom, and he specializes in teaching A-Level physics. He has been teaching the same for over 25 years. He has done the Study of US Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago as a nominee of the US government.

Mr. Khulal is also a seasoned administrator. He led Budhanilkantha School in capacity of the Principal for six years. He has a rich experience of providing a passionate and effective pastoral care to the students living in boarding houses. As a progressive educationist, he has authored several articles and research papers on Nepalese education system. In the capacity of Subject Committee Member, he has been helping the Curriculum Development Center in multiple ways, including the up-gradation of the National Curriculum of Nepal. He has travelled extensively inside and outside Nepal.

Ms. Vani Rana

Vice Principal (Head of Elementary & Middle School)

Ms. Vani Rana is the Head of Elementary School (I – X). She has extensive experience in teaching and academic administration particularly in the elementary level. She has strong academic foundation, well-honed leadership and teamwork skills and excellent coordination and communication abilities.

Ms. Rana’s academic degrees and trainings include two Master's degrees – one in Educational Leadership from Bank Street College of Education, USA and another in Sociology from TU. She also holds a Professional Development certificate from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, USA specializing in the development of reading-writing abilities in young children. She has participated in many national and international training programmes including the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) training which has given her an insight into international curriculum implementation.

In her previous role as the Elementary School Coordinator at Ullens School, she conducted regular capacity building and professional development trainings for teachers and other school personnel and oversaw the daily management of the elementary school programme (Grade 1-10). She has worked and collaborated numerous times with expatriate consultants/trainers to enhance the teaching-learning environment.

Ms. Rana thoroughly enjoys working in a school environment and regards education as her ‘passion’ and just not a job which is why she keeps updating herself on teaching and learning practices either through readings or by attending trainings.

Mr. Manish Thapa

Head - Administration & Operations

Mr. Manish Thapa joined Kathmandu World School as the Deputy Head of Operations & Administration. With over a decade of experience in various multi-national companies in London.

Mr. Thapa has built a strong base in operational and administrative related roles. He values and believes in his work ethics and acutely understands business operative aspects. He has now returned to his roots to put his extensive & valuable experiences gained to maximize productivity along with positive attitude required to enhance working standard here in Nepal.

Mr. Thapa holds a Graduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting from Stratford College London and has gained his experience working for diversified businesses in UK, with successful tenure in fields such as Aviation, Hospitality, Sales & Marketing and Retail.

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