Outstanding Campus Facilities

Besides the well–planned learning spaces, the school also has specially designed facilities that support a nurturing environment. Students thrive in a safe and serene environment for learning, and therefore careful attention has been given to aesthetics as a key to making that possible.


The school has a modular kitchen and a bakery. The kitchen serves well–balanced meals for all students with a choice between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. A strict code of hygiene and sanitation is enforced under the supervision of a trained and experienced chef. The bakery will also be used for imparting practical lessons on baking and demonstrations for students.

Health Care and Nursing Services

Qualified and registered nurses are available for students throughout the school day and after school hours in the school infirmary. Minor injuries and illnesses are treated in the school infirmary. The infirmary has enough beds and a separate isolation room for use in case of contagious disease. An experienced Doctor will regularly visit the school to check student’s health. In addition, special health camps like eye check–up, dental check–up, etc. will be organized from time to time to create awareness about health issues among students and parents.

Transportation Service

The school uses air–conditioned vans to transport the day students to and from the school ensuring all children are seated comfortably. Every van will be supervised by a staff member, who will be responsible for coordinating pick–up and drop-off of students at designated stops. Additionally, all vans will have a Global Positioning System (GPS) for tracking the vehicle en route and CCTV for security.

Safety and Security

An efficient safety and security system is in place within the buildings and across the school campus. Besides having Security Guard manned gates and a properly fenced perimeter, classrooms and corridors will be monitored via CCTV. Fire and emergency alarms are connected to ensure student safety and security.


The library forms the core of our literacy programme and is the hub for all research and inquiry projects. We have two spacious and well–stocked libraries – one designed for junior students (grades I–VIII) and one for secondary students (grades IX and above). Trained librarians, who are knowledgeable and experienced, manage the library. A collection of printed resources (books, magazines, periodicals, etc.) along with access to digitized online publications will be available for students and teachers. Separate rooms are available for quiet–study as well as for group discussions and presentation. In addition, students in grade I to III will have classroom libraries that have books catered specifically to their interests.


We have the latest educational tools including Information and Computer Technology (ICT) for use in our science and computer laboratories to enhance learning experiences and develop critical thinking and problem–solving skills. A general science laboratory is available for elementary school students (grade I – VII). Subject-specific laboratories (for Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany) are provided for secondary level students (grade VIII to XII/ A Level) to gain a deeper understanding of concepts as well as practical knowledge of the subject. Each of the academic wings will have its own computer laboratory.