Faculty: Dedicated to Excellence through Rigorous Professional Development

Our faculty members are highly accomplished, experienced and dedicated individuals who are driven by values that place students and their holistic development at the core. We ensure developing a team of teachers who are passionate about the teaching profession, have expertise in their subject matter and the disposition of a perpetual learner. In order to develop our teachers’ professional skills and update their knowledge on the latest teaching and learning pedagogies, we will provide regular on-going professional development workshops and individualized training programs through the KWS Professional Development Centre to ensure quality in our teaching approaches.

The KWS Learning Centre will organize in–house trainings for our teachers periodically to help them assess, reflect on and improve their current practices and to keep them abreast of the latest developments in education. We ensure our teachers inculcate a passion for learning new skills to enable them to nurture our students in the school in the best possible way.